• Tug Boat

    " Tug Boat "

    8 x 2 min Rounds 

    Row 21 / 18 Calories 

    Max HSPU 

    Rest 2 minutes 




    L - Sit 

    Accumulate 2 minutes 

    10 min Cap. 

  • The Admiral

    WOD 9 . 19 . 17 

    Yesterday, Lisa from ROLLAG came to let us try out some fancy foam rollers. Thank you ! She also expressed the value of foam rolling or Soft tissue release before working out. Your muscles have layers of fibers and those fibers need to be massaged, softened and excited before working out to get the most out of your workouts. Seems logical, before training a certain muscle group, you should wake it up first. It also will lead to less strains, pulls and aches. Rolling out does not take long. 5 minutes. No need to be lazy, grab a roller and get on it - literally. This is one of my favorite WODS today from the mind of Ben Bergeron - warm up those tissues ( legs and lats ) and lets crush it ! 

    “The Admiral”
    3 Rounds for time of:
    20 Burpee Pull ups
    20 Front Squats (155, 105)
    20 Box Jumps, 24″

  • Press Wave

    If you looked back at your last 100 meals, how many out of 100 would be considered Fuel or clean or nutritious? How many would be considered "cheat".  Hopefully the cheats are single digits and the clean are the rest if you want amazing results.  Habits take time. To get started you must have a plan. Planning your meals ahead of time is not just " meal planning " like you see on ridiculous people's social media. It is a well thought-out walk through of your day and where and how you will get your meals in your life. For example, Monday through  Friday , I will bring my lunch, stop by the store on the way home from CrossTown to grab a meat and veggie to grill for dinner.... Think before you get caught hungry going through a drive through. Let's make those cheat meals few and far between.  Proof is in the performance, and the lean body fat and flat stomach is the cherry on top. 

    WOD 9 . 18 . 17 


    "Press Wave "

    Strict Press 

    5 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 3 - 2 

    Use 60% press for all sets of 5 

    Use 70% press for all sets of 3 

    Use 75 - 80% press for all sets of 2

    On the 2 minute. 


    "Cash out "

    " Quick and the Dead " 

    5 Rounds

    Run 250m 

    10 DB Clean and Jerks 50 / 35 

    " 12 min time cap " 


    Happy Birthday to Coach , Chad. What an awesome way to celebrate Coach Chad's Birthday by doing a WOD ( his favorite pastime ) in honor of him. He is so passionate about CrossFit , fitness  and coaching - and it shows 100% to anyone that has ever met him. Chad is also going to explore his options in Canada for a little while so make sure to say Happy Birthday and good luck if you see him. We are going to mix it up with some extra HIGH Wall Balls on this one. Lets kill it! 


    8 Rounds 

    31 Double unders

    15 High Wall Balls 14 / 10 #ball to 12' / 10' target 

    9 Push Ups 

    Cash out : 86 American Kettle Bells Swings 53 / 35 

    Time stops when you finish the 8 rounds and 86 swings. 

  • Spider Monkey

    End of the fitness challenge is september 26. Keep up the great work. I will put sign ups on the board for the dunk tomorrow afternoon. If you paid for the challenge, you already have your second dunk paid for. 

    “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” Greg Glassman

    WOD 9 . 14 . 17 

    " Spider Monkey " 

    2 Rounds for time 

    300 ft walking lunge 

    30 Toes to bar 

    3 Legless Rope Climbs. 

  • Angela 14

    Angela is one of my favorite athletes I have ever had the privilege of coaching. Her and her sister, Mia , started coming to CrossTown as their PE class for school. She is very coachable. I always tell her, have the best form in the room , and she usually does. She pushes hard everyday and never complains. Both her and Mia are so amazing in their abilities , but what is even more impressive is their maturity. Her Birthday was 9/11, but we are tackling her BDAY WOD today. ENJOY! Get after it. Don't let a 14 year old girl smoke you , chances are she will though. 

    WOD 9 . 13 . 17 

    "ANGELA 14"

    4 Rounds for time 

    400m Run 

    14 Deadlift  135 / 85 

    14 Box Jumps 24 / 20 

  • Snatch Party

    WOD 9 . 12 . 17 

    Snatch Party 

    EMOM 4 min x 4 reps Snatch 

    Rest 1 min 

    EMOM 4 min x 3 reps Snatch 

    Rest 1 min 

    EMOM 4 min x 2 reps Snatch 

    Rest 1 min 

    EMOM 4 min x 1 rep Snatch 

    Add load each emom , Score heaviest load 


    Cash out 

    10 min AMRAP 

    20 situps 

    10 ' HSW ( scale with 2 Around the worlds on box ) 

  • 9 - 11 Tribute

    There are a couple events in a generation that everyone remembers. Events like the JKF assassination , OJ Verdict , Columbine shooting and The terrorist attack of 9/11. I remember I was a Senior in High School and I was leaving for school when the news announced the initial crash. We watched the News in all my classes that day and watched the terrible events unfold. Still to this day I remember - as we should. Many people gave everything to help those that needed it. Today we do a tribute WOD to keep remembering this day and those brave heroes. Give it more than usual. 

    9/11 tribute 

    Teams of 2 - partition reps anyway you want. Only 1 person working at a time. 

    Buy In : 2001m Row 

    4 Rounds 

    9 Squat Clean Thrusters 155 / 115 

    11 Synchronized Burpees over the Bar  

    50m Partner carry Down switch and carry other person 50m back. 

    (Sub with 100m run with 20#wallball , each runs 100m with ball relay style)

  • Triple Threat

    Supplements are in ! If you ordered some , come pick up the goods at our new front desk :) The shirts were sent in a separate delivery and I assume will be in Friday or Saturday. Get some! Get ready for a burner tomorrow! Bring your game face! 

    WOD 9 . 8 . 17 

    " Triple Threat "

    10 - 1 

    Wall Balls 20 / 14 to 10 / 9 ft target. 

    Hang Snatch 95 / 65

    Box jumps 24 / 20 

  • Boulders for Shoulders

    If you are participating in the fitness challenge, don't forget we are 3 weeks away from retesting. It goes by fast. Hopefully you have built up some strength for those thrusters in the Rain Maker WOD we will re - test. Or built up some running endurance for the mile run. By now, you should have made some good positive changes to your eating habits. Eating to fuel your body and not for social pleasures. Consistency is key. Just because you came 5x for 1 week doesn't shake a stick at what you are doing this week. Fitness is earned through the efforts of CONTINUOUS hard work. Keep it up. Post to the comments below any good ideas, successes or good information for the rest of the community. Lets finish strong. 

    WOD 9. 7 . 17 

    Boulders for Shoulders 

    Press 1 -1 -1 -1 -1, build to 1 rm 

    Push Press 2 - 2 - 2 -2 -2 build to 2 rm 

    Push Jerk 3 - 3 - 3 - 3- 3 build to 3 rm 

    Score heaviest Press, Push press double , and push jerk triple 

  • Big Foot

    WOD 9 . 6 . 17 

    A. Pre load deadlift to a heavy triple


    " Big Foot " 

    For time 

    800m Run 

    20 Burpees over bar 

    30 Deadlifts 225 / 155 

    20 Burpees over bar 

    800m Run 

    *18 min cap * 

  • Front Squat 1 rep max

    WOD 9 . 4 . 17 

    A. Find a 1 RM Front Squat 

    4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 -1 - 1

    Goal is to find a one rep max front squat 


    Cash out 

    7 min amrap 

    7 DB Thrusters ( use DBs that you can go 3 + sets unbroken ) 

    30 Dubs 

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