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1.  " I'm not in good enough shape to do this "

- our classes are infinitely scalable and every workout can be modified to any members fitness level. 

- Coaches are there as advocates to prescribe modifications when needed 

- We educate members on the difference between being uncomfortable and being in pain. 

2. " The classes are too intense " 

- Many people new to this type of training will likely not know how to gauge their levels of intensity. 

- Intensity is something that is added over time as technique improves. 

- Our coaches help build the foundation by teaching technique and consistency. Once that is achieved then you add intensity. 

3. " I don't want to get hurt " 

- Injury occurs when technique breaks down. 

4. " How long does it take to see results " 

- external results can be seen in as soon as a couple weeks. 

- internal results are felt instantly when you start taking charge of your fitness and body. 

5. " Do you have a nutrition program " 

- Yes, we provide easy guidelines to eating for fitness and results as well as performance 

- We offer an additional service that can monitor your macro nutrients and provide meal plans for dietary success. 

- Being in a community of like-minded athletes creates an easy and fun atmosphere of encouragement. You can swap recipes with other members and talk about different strategies you have seen success with. 

6. " How many times a week should I workout? "

- at least 3x a week, but we see best results with 4-5 days a week. 

- 3x a week is also a good option if you do supplemental training outside CrossTown ( triathlons, martial arts, yoga ).